Remember how naive you felt when you swallowed the watermelon seeds but a plant did not grow out from your mouth?! Pheww, I vividly remember the phobia around that one. But, Myths in Men’s Fashion is far more annoying and in desperate need to be dispelled.

A myth is like an Indian ‘aunty‘ at a wedding;

1. What they say is not real 

2. They are toxic and 

3. They spread misinformation like wildfire! 

They should be punctured, effective immediate. NO NO not the aunties, they should just be ignored. These illogical myths on the other hand are a real headache and I cannot rush to get an aspirin every time a naive soul feels my floral-print sneakers are too feminine on my big-feet.

FOREWORD: This blog is subject to a REAL survey conducted in order to understand mens’ behaviour toward fashion and analyse what makes them cringe in the name of fashion. Skirts are still a big NO though. 

So, let’s start puncturing a few myths in men’s fashion.

MYTH 1: Grooming is not part of Fashion.

Okay, the primates of the homo sapien species need to wake up NOW. Gentlemen, you need not spend half your salary on your grooming kit, but a face wash and a moisturizer is where you start. A decent haircut and a good trim to your beard will get you serving goals better than Beckham.

MYTH 2: Fashion begins at the footstep of designer shops.

*Self-claimed Kanyes’ get offended* Fashion is discovering something unique and experimenting it with the elements of your own. So, next time you see a quirky print boxer while scrolling, just tap on it and shop! This does not mean, one should abstain from buying branded, but #supportsmall should be promoted more, don’t you think?

MYTH 3: Ethnic wear for traditional days only.

I mean, I had worn a simple kurta with a denim jacket for shopping once and next I know,  I was modelling for a photoshoot in the market. So yeah, don’t limit wearing ethnic wears on Diwali and weddings alone. Try experimenting and keep making your girlfriend jealous of your super chill looks.

Picture courtesy: IG- @tarun.nathani

MYTH 4: Abs are too important.

Common now, stop man-shaming yourself and stop bulk buying different brands of whey protein. Rather, know your size and shop correctly. A wrong length of shirt looks more bad than your scrawny short bod in a V-neck.

MYTH 5: Accessories are for rappers and k-pop artists only.

 Caps, shades, watches, bracelets, scarves, earpieces are chic and monumentally help you up your fashion game. Heck, I wore caps in my lectures with my Best Friend (*brb, I miss him). But remember, do not overdo it and wear all of them in one outfit. Understand how to balance the tones.

MYTH 6: PINK is for ♀

This is the Achilles Heel in the name of Fashion Myth for Men and all you can do to bust this one is buy a good pink shirt for yourself and check for yourself. But tread with caution and do not go too Depp Johnny and step out wearing pink on lighter pink.

MYTH 7: Colours are not manly enough.

“I’m a Vampire, I’ll suck the soul outta you.” let that just be the title of your sex-tape dude. Colours help transform your look and helps you stand out from the crowd. Don’t go complete VIBGYOR to make an impression but, try having at least 3 colours from the rainbow in your wardrobe.

MYTH 8: Wearing Boxers outdoor brings SHAME upon your family.

Maybe, the reason you feel this is because you don’t own a good-looking boxer. I have the best collection and I flaunt my prints like Kanye flaunts his existence. So, buy good boxers and never feel shy to show off your sexy legs and if you hear whistles and catch a girl eve teasing you on the street, you report her, okay?

Whats Down allows you to understand your fit with the help of  ‘SIZE-GUIDE’  so that your fav print looks even better, balls to butt.

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