Remember the times when you felt like an absolute joker? Umm, when you laughed at your highest pitch and your boss was not joking. Or, when she said you are the only guy she talks to! These embarrassing tales are not so significant though. However, you are an absolute joker if you repeat these mistakes related to your intimate hygiene. 

If you are man enough to grow a pair, you must be man enough to keep them healthy and clean. Keep scrolling to learn how to avoid these common mistakes related to intimate hygiene.

MISTAKE No.1- Talcum after bath.

Our moms used to practically give our tushies a talcum bath in childhood. But, if you still continue to do that after showers, STOP. Because talc is not a healthy choice to keep your penis and testicles dry as excessive use may result in talcosis. Rather, use good quality undies; preferably boxer shorts to keep the area dry and healthy. And have regular showers to ditch the odour. Next, let your girlfriend know what a mindBLOWingJOB you did so that she can reciprocate.

MISTAKE No. 2-  Always wearing tight underwear.

Wearing tight underwear 24/7 drives your nuts, nuts! Let them breathe and allow a natural flow for optimum performance in bed. However, when you are performing extreme sports make sure you use the right underwear (a game of basketball in a pair of loose fitted underwear, would turn into a strike of bowling alley down there.) Make sure you wash your underwear after the game and change into comfortable boxers at night for bed. Learn which underwear is appropriate when.

MISTAKE No. 3-  Using harsh products.

Using products ladened with chemicals is not natural for your sensitive skin and light pockets. These chemicals cause rashes and irritation while micturition (urination) and long term use may lead to UTI (Urinary Tract Infections.) and added problems. Rather, take regular showers and rinse well with water using a mild soap for maintaining optimum intimate hygiene.

MISTAKE No. 4- Not washing up after…

…Sex and masturbation, is not only unhygienic but also reduces your chance of getting laid again (Fboiis’ don’t bother.) Because, trust me a woman always notices these basic bed etiquettes and judges you. So, don’t be a detty pig and wash up well to avoid eyerolls and infection of the area.

MISTAKE No. 5-  Overuse of Towel

Towels are a cozy cottage for all the bacterias to rest and multiply. 

  1. Grow up and don’t leave WET TOWEL ON THE BED.(Damp towels are like a Tomorrowland concert for the bacterias.)
  2. Always use a completely dry towel after shower.
  3. Never use the same towel after three days.

MISTAKE No. 6-  Irregular trimmings.

If you can groom your beard well, you should also be able to groom your pubic hair. Trim them before showering so that it washes away completely. Mark days for trimming your pubic hair and get more organized with intimate hygiene to avoid overgrowth. Irregular trimmings are the prime cause of boils and warts.

MISTAKE No. 7- Using DEO down there.

Okay, so college days are over and you need to stop doing that immediately. Deodorants for genitals are not legitimate unless you are a start-up thinking about this. However, to keep that area fragrant and cool at all times, you can use gels and moisturisers or how about taking a shower everyday?

MISTAKE No. 8- Repeating the Underwear.

This is without explanation an intimate hygiene offence and you should be barred under the IPC (Intimate-Penis-Care). And don’t even think about asking if reversing the underwear is the same as repeating it! Make sure you wash your underwear daily after showering. Cleaning your underwear is as important as cleaning yourself up. 

And you wouldn’t find changing underwears often, if you had a good collection. So, get started now.

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