Plato once said- ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ And before 1925, pugilists (professional boxers) won matches with chafed thighs.

Necessitating the invention of  all-round-elastic-shorts a.k.a. Boxer shorts. Who knew this invention was also meant to be my absolute butt-buddy since puberty and throughout this lockdown! 

Just like the origin of the Universe or the origin of Covid-19, certain things shall always remain a mystery to our meagre minds. So why not concentrate on things which are under our control, ( excluding your ex’s brain) and learn about them instead? 

So, let’s get started with the cool things you probably didn’t know your boxer shorts could do.

No. 1-  DIY Masks.

Without a drop of doubt, we have established that ‘masks’ are more important than your marks and fashion companies are not gonna refrain from making this a fad and popularizing some prints after Gigi Hadid signs a contract with Gucci!

But, unless you are aware and asking the right questions- #Whomademyclothes, #Whatsinmyclothes and have a few old boxers to make a DIY mask, you are safe!

To make a DIY (Boxers) Mask:

  • Find your old pair of boxers that have been unnecessarily occupying space in your wardrobe.
  • Question yourself for buying a poor print, cheap quality boxer which lasted as long as your will to go to the gym
  • Cut it from the middle and before ruining the entire boxer check on YouTube.
  • Now, since you know how to make DIY boxer masks, put all your old boxers to good use and contribute to others.
  • Buy a new pair of boxers and invest in a good quality pair- here.

No. 2- Safeguards your manhood.

According to the University of  Maryland Medical Centre, more than 90% of male infertility is caused by low sperm count. And tighty whities or bikini briefs(learn more about other types) contribute to low sperm count by an increased testicular temperature.

Loose fitted shorts in quirky prints is the easiest way to protect your manhood. I’ll help you find the best ones here.

No.3 – Backup Wingman.

My boxers have never ditched me and I speak with experience! Women are naturally sapiosexuals and your knowledge on textile printing is gonna help you burn calories in bed, I swear. Additionally, boxers in quirky and vibrant prints around your crotch will attract females like bees around honey.

No.4 –  Makes your Butt Beautiful.

Why buy expensive butt enhancers when all you need is the right print in the right size to do the job in fewer bucks? Boxers do not artificially lift your butt (silicon still owns that title) but, they create an illusion around them and make them look naturally fuller. Don’t trigger your trust issues if you do not believe me, just buy a combo and see for yourself.

No.5 – Gives Employment.

The global men’s underwear market size was valued at USD 29.41 billion in 2018 and is expected to register a CAGR of 5.3% from 2019 to 2025. And Whats Down is a proud part of this industry serving you the best below the belt boxers in premium quality prints!

No. 6 – Prevents PDE( Public Display of Embarrassment) 

Nobody wants to see you scratching your sweaty crotch because nobody insisted you on buying those cheap scrotum-suicide tighties! Boxers on the other hand are like feather strokes down there. And, I can vouch on that statement along with my homies who played cricket in boxers under the scorching sun. Hence, the simplest way to avoid jock-itch and rashes is not a talcum powder down there, but a breathable boxer.

No.7 –  Increases productivity and imagination.

Trust me, this is not a random statement, it is science and experience backed. We know that lazy people have the most innovative ideas to deal with mundane life problems. But, have you ever wondered why? Duh! Because, we always lie around in our boxers which allow us to completely ignore all other worldly problems and makes our brain function more efficiently. So, trust a lazy-ass and bring out the Einstein in you. 

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