I don’t remember where I read this beautiful quote- “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” But, it just makes so much sense! For a long time I thought googling ‘Art therapy courses near me’ was the first step. Alas! I was so wrong.

If you have been struggling with never to tick off deadlines for assignments and work etc, etc. And if you feel all the problems in your life just never get solved, instead keep adding on. You are reading the right blog at the right time. Just take a deep breath and keep on reading these really easy peesy art therapy courses at home and on a budget.

Now before you get started with these art therapy courses, you should understand that this is not a competition to post the prettiest art on the ‘gram. This is to satiate your soul. To heal your heart. These are meant to make you calm and to relax you down a bit. 

1. Mandala

Originating as a spiritual art form from ancient Hinduism and buddhism, Mandala is basically a microcosmic representation of life. Circle, depicting how everything is ‘connected’ in this universe. But, you need not get into the depths of it. For now, you just need a clean white paper, a black phen and a rounder. Just start by making concentric circles with random gaps in between. And start filling those circles with basic shapes like circles, triangles, lines.

It is a very calming and relaxing art therapy without any fuss involved. 

2. Mosaic painting

Mosaic is art made up of patterns of small regular or irregular pieces of stone, tiles etc. Now, mosaic painting as an art therapy course is the doable alternative for you all. Just make an outline of any basic drawing or sketch or a diagram. Now fill that outline with irregular shapes and designs. Just make sure they are very tiny. The shape can be irregular but make a standard size. Now, grab in your paint brushes and start painting! That is your first masterpiece there. And this boxer short is the next best use of mosaic art. Just look at the calming print! 

3. Gratitude postcard

Practising gratitude is an art in itself. It surely takes time and a whole lot of patience to be grateful for the tiniest things in life, but the calm and joy it brings in your life later is unparalleled. You can take the first step by making a basic gratitude postcard. Take a double pressed paper or any thick paper and doodle a few random designs on it. Now use glitter pens and list down things that you are grateful for in life. Your family and friends, your partner and for the food that you had today. Make a list of at least 10 things. Keep this pretty postcard on your desk and take a look at it daily.

4. Childhood scenery

Remember how time was just non existent when we were buried deep in crayons making v shaped birds and a river stream running down from between two mountains? Ahh yes, those were the days. No worries because you can bring back those days. This may sound childish, but this is the purpose of art therapy courses right? To rekindle your inner child. So, just make your classic childhood scenery without any embarrassment. I bet you’ll not even realise how time flew by.

5. Splash paints

Just go crazy man! But, in the right way. All you will really need is to put on some soulful music and put those dried paints to use here. Use an old cloth or maybe your hands for extra fun and just splash random colours on the sheet. No pattern, no outlines. Just crazy and fun filled color splashing. 

NOTE: Prior to performing this art therapy course make sure you have a used mat to lay your sheet on. Don’t wanna make your mom mad.

6. Doodling

Well, have you ever thought why that shy kid who just kept scribbling in his book now makes incredible art. He was honestly making art all this time. Doodling, as underestimated as it is as an art therapy course, is proved to relieve psychological distress. So just take your pen or pencil and start making random cartoons or designs or maybe just scribble. Repetition makes your brain more calm and relaxed and doodling is a great way to be doing that.

7. Paper cuts and collage

One of the most underrated forms of art therapy courses, but it works wonder.

All you have to do is cut any coloured paper or covers of old books into very small pieces. Now segregate those pieces based on various colors. Finally all you gotta do is place these colored-pieces and bits of paper in any form you want. Could make a rainbow or joker or a unicorn out of it.


Now these art therapy courses work best when you are already a lil relaxed. Now how to get relaxed for an art therapy you ask? Simply put on these artful and calming to the eyes- Mosaic boxer shorts and get to it. The turquoise just calms your brain and de-stresses you. You can post your art therapy and tag WhatsDown and get an amazing deal on these boxer shorts. 

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