“On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me… “ our brains automatically tune to this perennial christmas carol -”The 12 Days of Christmas” in the month of December. (But, please do not gift me two turtle doves as my secret santa, the count is about to reach 200 now.)

Christmas sets a jolly good vibe in this hot chocolate + rum cake + marzipan weather. (I am 21 and I still believe in Santa). The festivities and the lighting just erase out all the worries of the past, present and the future. 

So, to make this Christmas merrier, WhatsDown has something special for you in these 12 days of Christmas. In this generation of turu lobe, let me tell you that your “true love” somewhere is reading this blog and loving this sale and can’t wait to meet you.

Enough of that now, let me now take you a sleigh ride to our special “12 Days of Christmas” sale. Sing along the carol..

20th DEC

First Day of Christmas my true love sent to me-  Limited Edition Mistletoe Boxers

Offer- 20% off

Haven’t y’all heard, “What happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe.” Reminiscing your mistletoe memory, aren’t you? Gift this limited edition mistletoe boxer shorts to your beloved and let them know that they are the only addition in your life and how lucky you are to have them. 

21st DEC

Second Day of Christmas- Ladies special

Offer- 20% off

Our first collection was a bang-on hit amongst the masses: male and female both and hence WhatsDown decided to print some special prints for all you cuties out there. Ladies, we are extremely happy to be launching these 5 amazing prints for y’all.

  1. Red Floral – This bright print to appreciate your ambitious and fierce self. To keep your fire of desires burning. Red psychological stimulates confidence, excitement and energy.
  2. BnW Roses – To remind to keep appreciating all your efforts. Even the tiniest ones count babe! Just like a rose takes into account all it’s petals in order to bloom beautifully.
  3. Blue Floral – A print which calms you down and reminds you to celebrate all your hardwork. It calms you down for you to trust the timing and to know that all your hardwork will pay off one day.
  4. Vertical Boho – Not stereotyping but we know and understand the obsession over this beautiful color-pink! This super cute print is so perfect it can be worn for a nightout, on the beach, or just for a stroll outside.
  5. White Floral – The idea behind curating this print was simply the beauty of simplicity. Simplicity in looks and depth in thoughts is so beautiful and yet so rare. Cheers to you kind hearted goddesses, you are inspiring.

22nd DEC

Third Day of Christmas

Offer- BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

Yay, yay, yay.. the most favourite kind of offer there is. Buy any 2 and get 1 absolutely free. So, three quirky WhatsDown boxers in your wardrobe! That’s an offer you really don’t wanna miss now.

23rd DEC

Fourth Day of Christmas- Wear Blue to forget your blues.

Offer- 40% off

The only way you’ll forget about the blues is by realizing how amazing this color looks when worn right. Our Blue camo and Blue mosaic boxers will definitely take your mind off all the blues in life. And best part these designs is that they go well with anything. Wait wait, there is more… A combo offer-a pack of throwback and cartoon boxer shorts. Feel your blues dissipating into thin air already?

24th DEC

Fifth Day of Christmas- A sky full of stars

Offer- 20% off

Coldplay said it first, but we are completing it cuz you’re a sky full of stars and I’m gonna give you this ‘Night Sky’ sale. Since ,a good night’s sleep is the key to setting a healthy lifestyle we are selling our insomnia fixing boxer shorts’ collection.

  1. Our Blue Galaxy Boxers take you on a ride through the stardust. The print is so magically relaxing that in no time you will forget about your worries and just drown in the realm of dreams! With 20% off your dreams sure deserve a good script.
  2. Green Galaxy Boxers align your stars and moons for better sleep. Inspired by the love story of Khal Drogo and Khaleesi, this boxer short will not only help you sleep better at night but also make sure you find someone who replies “my sun and stars” to your “the moon of my life.”
  3. Multicolor sky full of stars to remind you to look outside the window once a while and to just stare at the beautiful sky full of stars. It’s beautiful how majestic and shiny it is.

25th DEC

Sixth Day of Christmas- Rudolf the Reindeer

Offer- 20% off

What is common between Santa, Wine and trinkets? Yes the colour Red! Celebrate Christmas with the correct Christmas spirit. This sale is named Rudolf the reindeer in order to honor this day with our fav Christmas carol and fav X’mas decor!

  1. Red floral boxer to make your Christmas brighter. The story behind this boxer is to remind all the women to believe in themselves and trust the timing, as a flower blooms only when the time is right. Since, a rose can never be a sunflower and a sunflower can never be a rose. 
  2. Multicolor scarf – A never-to-go-out-of-style print that just screams swag. Colors combined in perfection to make a very quirky print. This is the ideal print for you to wear this festive season while decorating the Christmas tree.
  3. Multicolor pixel – I don’t care if you are irritated because you cannot find the perfect color pallete or that so many people are afraid of love. This multicolor pixel boxer short just makes you forget about the problem of the pallete and motivates you to change the other problem.
  4. Red Geometric – Your life may not be as organized as this print, but who wants to live a geometric life anyway right? The only interesting part about geometry was the word “corollary”. Just like life is a race and to be a “broken anda” is a corollary.

26th DEC

Seventh Day of Christmas- Cartoon and caricatures

Offer- 20% off

Raise your hands if you are an adult but still watch cartoon. Aye aye aye!! This special sale if for your inner and well outer cartoon.

  1. Multicolor Dino Boxers– I sometimes wonder how this world would be if dinosaurs and humans could live together. Like not like the movie Jurassic Park. If you wonder that too and love the Flintstones family, this is the apt print for you.
  2. Yellow leopard – We made this print not only to make your everyday grocery tour quirky but also to make everyone aware about the endangered species and their importance in the ecosystem. So do your bit for the environment around and down under and buy this exquisite boxer short right now.
  3. Pink Snakes and Ladder boxers to remind you of your fav childhood game. And a chance to play this right now with your family.
  4. Childhood scenery Oh the simple days to drawing a small hut, v shaped birds, river flowing from between two mountains. Pure art! Relive those days and buy this throwback-cum-good ‘ol days boxer shorts.

27th DEC

Eighth Day of Christmas- Back to Basics

Offer- 35% off

This classy print is just perfect to satiate your illuminati fantasies. Stop constructing any more theories and just buy this print with white triangles. Don’t forget to check out it’s monochrome twins grey and black triangles.

28th DEC

Ninth Day of Christmas- Favs from the old is gold collection

Offer- 10% off

One of the best sellers from our first collection- Motivational Quotes Boxers is your daily reminder to get you set for hustling. Got a lot of work pending? Let this boxer help you take the stress off. No need to google “motivational quotes for work” ( ss which eventually rots in archives). Just glance at your boxers and get going.

Here are other hot sellers from our first collection

Black casino, Blue doodles, Blue galaxy, Brown Old tech, White cereal , Grey paper plane, Green and purple 420, green tropical scenery.

29th DEC

Tenth Day of Christmas – Floral fantasies come alive

Offer- 25% off

“Earth Laughs in flowers” – Ralph Waldo Emerson was not lying. The man was just intoxicated with drug that is flowers! This special sale will calm down your anxiety. So just take a deep breath and choose from any below and understand why emerson said what he said.

Women- Red Floral, Blue Floral, White Floral

Men- Green Tropical, Purple Tropical and Neon 420 Boxers ( the most beloved bud)

30th DEC

Eleventh Day of Christmas-  Food>>>>>>Sex

Offer- 25% off

I am a complete Joey and I LOVE food! Food excites me more than my crush and that is 100% true. If just the thought of food excites you the same way, this sale is meant for you. Shop there amazing lively prints and rest your hunger pangs when food is not near you.

  1. Cereal Boxers Yumm, what better way to kick start your mornings wearing your fav breakfast! This is a “healthy” choice to make. Can’t say much about waking up early, but these boxers are the perfect morning routine to wear!
  2. Green lemon boxers for the ones who always always squeeze some lemon on their food.
  3. Orange Mango boxers for all the mango lovers. While there is some time for summers, just drool on these amazing boxers shorts till then. However, if you are an absolute mango hater, you have got to read this. Just the right blog for you.
  4. Peach pancakes nyum nyum just the thought of a buttery, hot, fluffy pancake is enough to get me going for the entire day. Just imagine being able to do that all day long with this boxer.

31st DEC

Twelfth Day of Christmas- Party mode on for 2021!

Offer- 20% off

The perfect way to step into this new year is with a beer in hand, party music on high volume and funky comfortable boxers under so that you don’t embarrass yourself with that sliding-down-butt jeans! This sale just got too generous (2020 taught us to be generous) and this mad sale isn’t the one you ignore.

Are you ready?

Childhood scenery, Black casino, Blue casino, Blue Nautical, Grey cocktail, Multicolor sky full of stars, Blue mistletoe, Green musical boxers.

This sale just makes you believe that 2021 is gonna be lit, right? (just buy, don’t jinx)

Let us know which one you liked the most. Although I am pretty sure all these cut a great deal and such irresistible offers won’t be here forever. So just get your fav now. HURRY while humming 12 Days of Christmas for the 99th time now!

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