“The best way out is always through.” This quote by Robert Frost is a fitting affirmation for the situation the world is facing right now. We are entering a new season, literally, while the lockdown still exists. As all the frontline workers have been protecting us from the outside, many are fighting the demons inside of us, as our mental health in this lockdown becomes the most crucial.

Whether you are self-isolating or surrounded with your family, this pandemic can trigger your mind and introduce thoughts leading to anxiety and other mental health challenges. 

Hence, it is important to keep a balance between your thoughts and emotions to avoid being like ‘Chicken Little’ yelling- ”The Sky is Falling.”

Here are 10 tips to keep a check on your mental health during the pandemic. *Says the therapist who hogs food in his yoga print boxers!

Tip no. 1 – Listen to your Body and Mind.

Understand and acknowledge your emotions ‘AT THE MOMENT’. You do not have to be following a certain fitness trend or a productivity challenge because your friends are posting about it online. If your body asks to be lazy and bingeing on food and netflix episodes, just do it without judging yourself for wasting your Hotstar subscription! 

Tip no. 2 – Do a NEWS-Detox

It is incredibly hard to distance yourself from the constantly buzzing notification panel, but uninstalling a few news apps from your mobile or turning off the news channel once in a while won’t hurt no? You just need to wake up every morning with the hope that the news is someday gonna sound good, because it will. Limit your activity on IG, snapchat rather pick up your childhood story books and just go through the pictures.

Tip no. 3 – Distract to Focus.

Even if you are WFH right now, a few minutes to calm yourself from the workload is necessary. We do not have the privilege to hangout with our colleagues at a bar or make fun jokes about your boss and colleagues in person, but you can certainly re-shift your focus from the constant clacking on the keyboard by cracking some eggs in the kitchen!

Baking and cooking is extremely therapeutic when done without the pressure of making the food look Insta post worthy.

Other than that, you can practice reading, writing, painting or singing.

Tip no. 4 – Alcohol only on your hands.

Try to limit your alcohol, nicotine and caffeine consumption as these substances only hike up your anxiety inducing negative reinforcement. Rather drink gallons of water without worrying about a bathroom break!

Tip no. 5 – Connect and Communicate.

Perhaps the biggest boon in this pandemic  are the apps that help us connect with our family and friends. So, just utilize your data pack and let your family know what all you are feeling during these times, and ask them to share too. I know, it’s hard to express love sometimes, but letting your close ones know how grateful you are to have them in your life will make you feel good too.

Tip no. 6 – Practice Gratitude.

The trick to achieving mindfulness is practice. You need to remind yourself daily about how grateful you are for having a complete meal today, for having a bed to sleep. Remind yourself about all that you have achieved till now. Be kind to people around and see how you can help others.

Tip no. 7 – Schedule your sleep

This was difficult even before the lockdown, but you can try getting good sleep now and not because you don’t have anything else to do. A good sleep rejuvenates you from within. Have a cup of warm ‘Haldi ka doodh’ (Golden-latte is an abusive word), keep all your gadgets aside and wear comfortable nightwear to get the best sleep.

Tip no. 8 – Educate yourself and others.

Learn more about different cultures and languages. See the nuances in the spiritual teachings from different folktales and grow spiritually. 

Tip no. 9 – Watch/ Re-watch your Fav comedy movies

‘Phir Hera Pheri’ is in my downloads since I can remember. You may have your own personal favourite which cracks you up even after watching it for the 69th time! So, just pop some popcorn and watch it in your chill boxers!

Tip no. 10 – Photoshoot.

Bring out the model within you and do a photoshoot, on the terrace or in your society. I’ll give you a challenge to make this more happening- Photoshoot in your best outdoor boxer outfit! Mail your best outfit here- info@whatsdown.in  and we will feature it in our monsoon looks edition!

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