There is something so intensely calming about the Black and white Bollywood era, right? Honestly, if in a magical happenstance I come across a time-travel machine I would wish to live in the same timezone as Dev Anand, Mina Kumari and Johnny Walker only to name a few. However, I satiate my old-soul by watching (rewatching) these Black and White movies. Time just slows down and so do my nerves while watching these. So make no haste and start downloading these 10 must watch Black and White movies.

Do Bigha Zamin (1953)

The first Indian film to win the International Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and the first movie to win the Filmfare Best Movie Award. Starring Balraj Sahni as a farmer turned rickshaw puller who has to save his land and feed his family after a famine strikes and shatters his life. 

Shree 420 (1955)

“Pyaar huaa ikraar hua hai..” starts ringing in your head too? Yes, that’s the movie. Starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis, the movie is about a young man trying to make it big in the city where he falls in love with Vidya (Nargis). 

Don’t hate me for this, but when Raj Kapoor sang “Mera joota hai Japani..” Kachra seth replied “Toh Japan ke chor bazaar mein bhech hun”

Pyaasa (1957)

Ranked at 160th spot on the Sight & Sound critics’ and directors’ poll of all-time greatest films, Pyaasa is also rated as one of the 100 best movies of all time by TIME magazine.

Starring Gurudatt sahab, Waheeda Rehman and Mala SInha the movie is about a poet trying to gain recognition for his poems and love. However, he finds it difficult in the selfish world. Johnny Walker’s “Sar joh tera chakraye..” remains an iconic hit.

Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958)

Ahh, how could this movie skip the list! Starring the Kumar brothers- Ashok, Anoop and Kishore along with the evergreen beauty icon Madhubala; this classic comedy is about three women hating brothers. Two out which eventually fall in love. Kishore kumar explains how in the song..”Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si..”

Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam (1962)

Based on a classic Bengali novel by the name Saheb Biwi aur Golam by Bimal Mitra, the story was converted into a movie by Guru Dutta. The film was nominated for the Golden Bear at the 13th Berlin International Film Festival, and was chosen as India’s official entry to the Oscars. Narrated from the Saheb’s POV, the story is about a humble servant Bhoothnath (Guru Datt) and his closeness to choti bahu (Meena Kumari). Meena Kumaris grace and elegance in “Na jao saiyaan chudake baiyaan” will surely make you miss someone.

Chaudhvin ka Chand (1960)

A classic love triangle involving two friends – Guru Datta and Rehman who unknowingly fall for the same woman named Jameela played by Waheda Rehman. While both the friends are ready to forget the girl for their friendship. It is Jameela in the end who makes the decision of staying with either one of them. Undoubtedly, this masterpiece also entered into the 2nd Moscow International Film Festival and won several Filmfare awards too.

Madhumati (1958)

This is the film that won nine Filmfares and a National award as the best feature film. Starring the heartthrob Dilip sahab and Vijyanthimala, the film is based on reincarnation. Singing “suhana safar aur yeh mausam haseen” a young engineer- Devendra urf Dilip Sahab on his way to the railway station, takes shelter in a mansion because of a landslide. Where, he realises that the place is very similar and comes to know about his rebirth and his love Madhumati.

Naya Daur (1957)

Did you know that Aamir Khan’s ‘Lagaan’ was inspired by this movie. And also the movie that got Dilip Kumar his third filmfare in a row. As the name of the movie suggests, Seth ji in the movie attempts to replace “tonga” with buses so as to modernize the village. However, this jeopardizes Shankar’s life since he makes a living by pulling tonga. And thus he challenges Seth ji and his son.

Awaara (1951)

An Indian film that sold over 200 million tickets overseas and entered the Cannes Film Festival in 1953. The movie is about an innocent man Raj played by Raj Kapoor who joins a criminal gang in order to feed his mother. However, he falls in love with Rita (Nargis) and tries to reform himself. 

Now in the 50s if you were unemployed how would you let your neighbours know about that? Raj Kapoor sang ‘Awaara hun’ 

Mughal-e-azam (1960)

Of course this movie would not miss the spot! ‘Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya? That’s what Anarkali said! The historic movie starring legends- Prithviraj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Madhubala is an epic love tale between a courtroom dancer and the prince. The first movie to have a colored sequence and the first to be colored and re-released in 2004. Nevertheless, the movie did not miss hitting the first spot yet again, 40 years later. 

Now that you have reached the end of this blog, one thing is for sure that you are an old-soul and appreciate good drama in life. So I bet you will love this Black and White rose boxer in this world of colored facades. What more, you can enjoy this list of 10 must watch Black and White movies wearing these boxers. A monochrome movie marathon?  

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