Miss Sonora Smart Dodd was a smart daughter who once suggested the idea of honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds. And since 1910, 21st June has been celebrated World-wide as ‘Father’s Day’. 

Papa, Dad, Appa, Baba, Bapu, Abbu, Paa; these are synonyms to one singular word- SUPERHERO, aren’t they? Ranging from strict satans to soft softies, these superheroes come power packed with inspiration, morale and lame jokes! (What do you call a curtain in the afternoon? CurTAN *can’t even insert a cringe face.) But, they always take the extra step in taking care of the family.

(A dad joke in action!)

So, this Father’s Day let’s give our SUPERHEROES a big Thank You for meeting with all our demands without any complaints.From Gifts to Gestures, here are 10 Father’s Day 2020 ideas:

1. Remote Holder. 

Dad’s have a serious OCD with the remotes!  “Where is the remote?”  is a Universal Dad dialogue and a headache. Let’s solve this once and for all by gifting him a remote holder to keep all his T.V, Set-top box, AC remotes handy. 

2. Gentleman’s Kit.

We all have fond memories of our Dads shaving while we attempted to sneak some foam on our cheeks as well. 

While many dads prefer to spend minimum on grooming, many are the Dapper Dad kind and this Gentleman’s Kit– the essentials kit can be your in-budget gift for him.

3. His Fav Whiskey.

Show your bartending skills and impress him with your best PEG. (Why are Peg and Keg Best Friends – Cuz they PK!) Ahh, and don’t forget the bitings (popularly termed as chakhna).

4. SA-RE-GA-MA Carvaan.

“Iss taufe mein hai 5000 sunhere gaane aur kuch yaadein.” Perfect gift for him to sip his evening tea while he softly sings his favourite verses of Kishore Kumar. And the next thing you see is Mom-Dad dancing on ‘Kashmir ki Kali’. A truly magical gift.

5. Ties and cufflinks.

A classic gift for fathers who always get confused  while shopping and end up buying those regular cliche ties. Choose a quirky print and let him experiment this time.

Throw in a belt as well for some extra love.


Let’s eliminate the toxic masculinity titles and understand that every person deep down wishes to be loved and cared and respected no matter the gender. Our iron-fists-candy-hearted dads want the same. He may or may not give the biggest smile after looking at this gift, but that mug will shine like a trophy on his desk forever.

7. Kitchen time.

Why do Dads always enter the kitchen to make Tea when they don’t even know where the tea powder is kept! So, why not just make a kadak adhrak chai (strong ginger tea) with him in the kitchen together?

8. A walk down the memory lane.

Dads have a long list of all the college shenanigans and trouble they got into. His yesteryear love story or his first time drinking story are a five-star thriller. And, if you don’t know your Dad’s blast from the past yet…well, now is the right time to talk.

9. Boxers.

We have mastered the art of being a Couch Potato and some fathers have been doing that for decades. Why not be a quirky couch potato in the most comfortable boxers, and we will help you do that with our special Father’s Day SALE. Check it out here and give your SUPERHERO the right underwear for the season!

10. Hugs and Kisses.

Just squeeze him in your arms once and let him know how thankful you are for all his hard work, those beatings for math homework , constant upliftment and support for your dreams and this Life.

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