Oh to be young and to spend $700 on vodka shots in a bar and not even feel drunk! Add to the nightmare and your date is a teetotaler! While it may be a personal choice to not mind spending such an absurd amount on drinks that don’t give the kick; pre-booze is completely acceptable too. And if you know how to make cocktails with minimum spirits and mixers in your cabinet, you are good to go. Impressing your guests at a houseparty with your bartending skills if another feather in the cap. So go on and read these 10 easy cocktails to make at home. 

Cape Cod

Popularly also known as the 14 year old’s drink or Cape cod. This is the foundation drink and the most popular one. Feels like breathing a fresh breeze under the purple sky listening to lo-fi, this cocktail is easy to make and fun to have. Experiment with pineapple juice to get ‘Bay breeze’ and orange juice to get ‘Madras’

Ingredients: Cranberry juice Any cheap/easily available vodka

Method: Simply mix the two as per your taste. Or put the two in a mixer with some ice cubes and go crazy.


The ill-fated, sophisticated sister of Cape cod is how I would like to refer to this cocktail. Cosmopolitan is like that person who looks all chic and supeȓ, but is a proper kurta-pajama kind once you get to know them. 

Ingredients: Cranberry juice + Vodka + Triple sec + Dash of lime juice.

Method: Add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake well and double strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon wheel.

Rum and Coke

The quintessential King of the cocktails, Rum and coke is an evergreen favourite and go-to drink to get drunk on a budget. Just with a bottle of Old Monk and half litre soda and jazz in the background and you are set for the night. 

Ingredients: Rum + Cola 

Add fresh lime to it if you wanna call it – Cuba libre

Method: Mix with love and a smiling face.


If my best friend were a drink, it would definitely be Mojito. Doesn’t burn your pocket, looks fresh, feels fresh and just their company makes you feel like everything will work out eventually.

Ingredients: Rum + Mint + Sugar + Lime + Club soda.

Method: Muddle the slices of lime and mint along with sugar and add rum, give a good spin followed by club soda in the end. Garnish with a mint leaf and lemon wheel.


Relatives who bring loads of gifts and chocolates when visiting are the best kind of humans on earth, aren’t they? Mimosa is a cocktail-cum-that-same-relative. Got sparkling wine in the cellar? Well then you are set to have a sparkling night too.

Ingredients: Sparkling wine + Juice – Liqueur ( Buck’s fizz)

Method: Get the most stylish glass from the cabinet and just mix!


Ahhh, the coolest person of the gang. This drink is the personification of that person. Just this cocktail and some music and you won’t even need any company. You’ll groove on your own beats in a sip or two.

Ingredients : Gin + Tonic

Method: No method. Just go on and mix.

Sex on the beach

Is there any perfect season for sex? No right. Same is for this cocktail as well. You can enjoy it whenever, wherever, on whomsoever! The cocktail is a crowd pleaser and I have no doubts about it.

Ingredients: Cranberry juice + Orange juice + Vodka + Schnapps

Method: Mix them all in a shaker and strain it out in glass with some ice in it.

Woo woo

As easy as this cocktail is, it is cheap and fun to make too. Got a date at home, woo him/her by making woo woo. Fun fact- This is Whetherspoon’s favourite cocktail.

Ingredients: Peach schnapps + Vodka + Cranberry juice

Method: Mix the vodka and peach schnapps together and then add cranberry juice to it.

Lemon Drop

The incomparable hip-hop beats of the 90s. No comparison right? Same is with this cocktail. It stands out without shouting for attention. Such is the charisma of this cocktail.

Ingredients: Vodka + Lemon juice + sugar + lemonade 

Method: Roll sugar on the rim of a wet glass. Now mix vodka and lemon juice. Finish it up with lemonade.

Tequila sunrise

A bad break up can break you up no doubt. But, to feel alive and in love again because of that one person is also real! This drink is exactly that. A refresh. A restart. A new chapter in love. Certainly a little hard to make when compared to nescafe sunrise but definitely worth the kick.

Ingredients: Tequila + Grenadine + Orange juice

Method: First mix the tequila and orange juice together. Now slowly pour in the grenadine and watch the sunrise!

Now that you know the recipe of these 10 easy cocktails to make at home, I’ll let you in on the secret to enjoy these with max satisfaction. Right here- The Cocktail Boxer shorts. Get the cocktail, sit back and simply enjoy the drink. These cocktail boxer shorts are enough to set the vibe and get you set to get another round.

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